Our tenants stand on solid ground.

Tenants of Brisbane West Rentals do not feel as if the ground is about to be swept out from under them. We have developed a tight yet transparent system for leasing properties. When a tenant signs a lease with us, they leave well-informed, assured that their well-being is just as important to their property manager as the satisfaction of the landlord.

You can depend on someone always being accessible – at the end of the phone, or in the office ready to discuss any difficulties with the property. We believe that follow-up to any call is key to a good relationship between the tenant and property manager.

We offer you, the tenant, a genuine service of respect and courtesy. If the time does come when your landlord decides not to renew your lease, you can be assured that we will journey the transition process of relocating with you and have you settled into new accommodation as smoothly as possible. The majority of our communication with our tenants is through email and when necessary, a personal consultation.

We believe in matching the right tenant with the right property. A happy tenant is a stable tenant and a healthy relationship is desired between Brisbane West Rentals and each tenant.

We inspect the property three times a year, taking photo documentation and compiling a detailed inspection report. This is to keep the property owner up-to-date as to the condition of their investment. This inspection is not designed to place stress on our valued tenants. We believe in establishing a good rapport with our tenants and through open and regular communication, keep their rental experience as easy as possible. Where possible, the property owner is invited to attend the property inspections with the manager.

If you would like to rent one of our managed properties, we suggest:
  • Calling on (07) 3378 0850 or email us to book a time to inspect the property. Interstate or overseas enquirers are welcome and we advise that you appoint someone to view the property on your behalf.
  • Complete the Tenancy Application Form available under “FORMS” and submit to us along with the following information/documents:
  • – A “100 point” identification material/s. This may include: international passport, driver’s license, 18+ Card etc.

    – Documentation to confirm your current residence. This may include: utilities bills to your current address with your name on them.

    – If you have rented in the past, a rental ledger from your agent. A personal reference will suffice if you are a first-time renter.

    – For proof of income, we require one or more of the following: pay slips, bank statements, employment contract or a letter from your employer or your accountant confirming your income.

As soon as your Tenancy Application is received, we:
  • Check all references supplied by you including rental history for the past 12 months.
  • Confirm employment details supplied with your application.
  • Award points to meet the “100 point” identification requirement.
  • Reference TICA (Tenancy Information Centre of Australia) database to check for any rental default history of rental default.
  • Weigh your application against other applications received for the same property.
  • Communicate the outcomes of these processes to the property owner who then makes the final decision to approve or decline tenancy application.
  • We then communicate the final decision to all tenancy applicants.

Turn around time is usually within 24 hours, provided we can contact all relevant parties within this period.

A deposit bond equivalent to four weeks rent is required to be paid after your tenancy application has been approved. All bonds are held in trust by the Residential Tenancy Authorities (RTA) for the duration of the tenancy. Bonds are refunded in full upon a satisfactory Exit Condition Report.

Condition Reports

Entry: The Queensland Tenancy Act 1994, requires us to conduct Entry Condition Reports that detail the condition of the property at the commencement of the tenancy. The tenant is required to acknowledge with or without additional comments and return the report to the property manager within seven working days of the start of the General Tenancy Agreement. The report may include photographic documentations of the condition of the property.

Exit: When the tenant vacates the property at the end of the lease, our property manager will attend the property to check your Exit Condition Report and once we are happy we will release the bond. This is to ensure that the property is completely clean and has not been damaged, apart from the normal wear and tear resulting from the aging of the property.

  • We require rent to be paid in advance.
  • You will be supplied with the Brisbane West Rentals Trust Account details for which all rents are paid into. We do encourage that you set up with your bank a DIRECT DEBIT into Brisbane West Rentals trust account.
  • On request, an electronic rental ledger will be sent to you by email.
  • We act swiftly and within legislation to take necessary actions to recover payments from recalcitrant tenants.
  • Our preferred method of payment is through Ezidebit, the information and documentation to set this up will be given to you with your lease agreement
    When applying for a property, we recommend using 2Apply as your method of submission. This process not only validates the applicant’s identity but also conducts comprehensive background checks. It offers the applicants a step-by-step guide on how to apply for a property.

Rental Renewal/Vacating


  • Approximately ten weeks before the lease agreement expires, you will receive notice of this fact.
  • We ask that you give at least four weeks notice of your intention to renew your lease.

When it is necessary to break the lease we require a written notification as soon as possible, as well as:

  • Continuing to pay rent until the property is re-let.
  • Pay the required Break Lease Fee equivalent of one week’s rent plus GST.
  • Covering the cost of advertising associated with putting the property back on to the rental market.
  • Pay the relevant smoke alarm check
  • Be responsible for the condition of the property until a suitable tenant is found.

Upon notification of vacating, a vacate pack will be posted outlining the tenants responsibilities and a check list to facilitate with obtaining the full bond.

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